MultiVersus: Battle Pass progress sharing feature unearthed by a dataminer

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According to what was discovered by a dataminer, it is possible that MultiVersus propose a function of sharing your Battle Pass progress.

According to an image shared by the dataminer on Twitteras you can see just below, the two MultiVersus players can share the rewards and the player with a lower level of progress automatically equalizes that of the higher level player.

Even more interesting is the fact that if a player has a Premium Battle Passes of MultiVersus, both players can share Battle Pass progress. Both players’ quest rewards and XP are still awarded to both.

It is also mentioned that the MultiVersus Battle Pass can be connected to another player once a season: clearly it is a limit designed to prevent a single user from connecting to many friends and giving them rewards.

Recall that the discovery of this information does not guarantee that the function is actually proposed in MultiVersus. It is possible that the developers and the publisher decide to delete everything or change the rules of this sharing mechanic.

We will have to wait for news, which could arrive after the publication of Season 1, recently postponed.

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