My Hero Academia: Mirko’s cosplay by aka_purin is graceful but also powerful

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My Hero Academia is the source of inspiration for this new one Mirko cosplayor rather Rumi Usagiyama aka Rabbit Hero, one of the most particular fighters within the large cast of super-heroes and villains present within the famous series, in this case played by aka_purin.

It is one of the most popular characters by cosplayers, also for the possibility of reinterpretations with a rather sexy tone being, in fact, a little bunny, at least in his super hero costume. However, she has a dual significance in that she is also a mighty fighter, with an athletic physique that is strangely associated with long white ears.

Mirko’s character clearly plays on this aspect, alternating moments of tenderness with a somewhat temperament aggressive. Purin manages well to reproduce a realistic version of Mirko, blending the look graceful of the character with a certain expression of the power of the super heroine, otherwise capable of unleashing considerable power and great aggression in combat.

Rumi, on the other hand, is a particularly loved character in the My Hero Academia universe because of her personality and ability to withstand even tremendous damage and wounds.

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