My Hero Academia: the cosplay of Mirko from sahory_von_schweetz is gymnastic and cheeky

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Mirko is definitely one of the most beloved female characters of My Hero Academiaone of those to which a cosplay it is never denied. Could it be for her rabbit-like appearance that the audience likes so much? Who knows if the cosplay of sahory_von_schweetz doesn’t allow us to understand it a little better.

There cosplayer sahory_von_schweetz made the costume impeccably, equipping it with all the necessary accessories to make it perfect, but he also worked a lot on the interpretation of the character, making it particularly gymnastic and cheeky, just like the original. She evidently she is very trained to be able to take certain poses with such ease (we broke in two of her just looking at her).

Also interesting is the photowhose shade of shades echoes the colors of the costume, creating a fairly homogeneous and pleasant image.

My Hero Academia by Kōhei Horikoshida is an immensely successful shonen manga, which is giving many iconic characters to the collective imagination. In short, the story tells of Izuku Midoriya who wants to become a super hero despite not having any super powers. Will he make it?

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