Naruto: Danielle Vedovelli’s Tsunade cosplay lacks nothing

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Tsunadethe powerful ninja and Hokage of the Leaf Village, is the protagonist of our pages thanks to cosplay by Danielle Vedovelliwho portrayed the iconic character from the Naruto series to perfection.

Tsunade is one of the central characters in the Naruto narrative. After Sarutobi’s tragic passing, he assumes the role of the Fifth Hokage, guiding the Leaf Village through various crises, from the attack of Pain to the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Tsunade’s cosplay made by Danielle Vedovelli perfectly embodies the characteristics of the character, in particular the habit of alcohol. As we can see in the shot below. costume, wig and makeup are practically perfect, it is really difficult to make any criticism in this sense.

Remaining on the theme of cosplay taken from anime and manga, take a look at that of C18 from Dragon Ball by reberebelle and that of Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia signed by dali.cos. Changing gender, we also suggest the cosplay of Eula from Genshin Impact made by viku_li and that of Jane and Valkyrie from Thor: Love and Thunder by Alyson Tabbitha.

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