Naruto, the cosplay of Hinata from marjzurc is biting

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Hinata is one of the main characters of the series Narutoas well as one of the most loved by the public, for this i cosplay dedicate them not lacking, like this one by marjzurc, which represents it in a decidedly biting way. Let’s see it.

Hinata is a kunoichi of the Leaf Village, heir of the Hyūga clan who lost his position because it was considered unsuitable for the responsibilities that this would entail. Disappointed, but not surrendered, Hinata first finds in Naturo an example to follow, then love.

The cosplay of marjzurc he interprets her in a decidedly less naive version than that of the main character, without renouncing the expressiveness of the original Hinata and the character’s costume, which has been rigorously reproduced.

Finally, the long hair makes us understand that the source of inspiration is the adult Hinata, not the smaller one who has short hair. The background is also beautiful, with the colors that go well with those of her dress.

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