Need for Speed: Codemasters Cheshire became a support studio for the project, due to a rumor

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According to a rumor collected by insider Tom Henderson, Codemasters Cheshire has become one supporting study for the Need for Speed by Criterion. Henderson is an insider known for reporting reliable information. Despite this, the news must be taken with due caution.

SCOOP: Codemasters Cheshire has become a support studio for the upcoming Need for Speed.

Considering that we are talking about the Onrush and Dirt 5 software house, this is certainly a good opportunity for the next Need for Speed. It’s hard to say if Codemasters Cheshire will also carry on its own projects, as it did when Codemasters was independent, or if at this point it will remain on a permanent basis to help Criterion with the Need for Speed ​​series.

Unfortunately Henderson did not share any other details, so we have to wait for official communications on the matter to find out more. If the indiscretion is confirmed as true, Codemasters Cheshire would only help in the final phase of the development of the game, which according to what emerged in the past should be released by the end of 2022.

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