Netflix hires to build a cloud gaming service

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Netflix has published a job advertisement in which it indirectly reveals that it is working to create a cloud gaming service owner. This is a very interesting detail and confirms the company’s interest in concretely expanding into the gaming market.

The job posting in question is for a senior rendering engineer, where Netflix says it is “rapidly expanding new gaming-related offerings” and wants to create a “Netflix’s cloud gaming ecosystem“.

“We are looking for a Rendering Engineer to support our cloud gaming service. In this role, you will help optimize game rendering so that we can render more games on our cloud gaming devices. You will also assist with developing SDKs to enable developers to build high-quality titles for the Netflix cloud gaming ecosystem,” reads the announcement.

Obviously from these few lines it is impossible to guess the characteristics of Netflix’s cloud gaming service and the company’s plans for its ecosystem, which could very well rival Google Stadia or xCloud, or point in a different direction. To find out, we just have to wait for official details directly from Netflix.

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