NFT, former pornstar Lana Rhoades abandons the CryptoSis project: was it a scam?

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Lana Rhoadesthe splendid ex pornstar American that you all surely know, has abandoned the project of NFT of CryptoSis and grossed $ 1.5 million, but there are those who accuse it of fraud towards his fanbase.

The issue is indeed controversial: Lana has attracted investment into the project by stating on multiple occasions that those NFTs would have maintained or increased its value over time, but apparently this is not the case.

After that, as explained by her partner Mia Malkova, the former porn star decided to abandon ship and collect their shares without announcing it, according to him due to the many toxic comments from users.

Lana Rhoades

At the end of the fair the CryptoSis NFTs are nothing more than simple artwork and not exactly an investment, but whoever bought them did so on the basis of the actress’s assurances regarding their potential future value.

In short, at present the NFT landscape hides several pitfalls and is generally frowned upon by users, especially video game enthusiasts, but there are companies still convinced that it is appropriate to push on this front.

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