NFT: Opensea was attacked, $ 1.7 million stolen from the largest marketplace in the world

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OpenSeathe largest marketplace in the world in the field NFTannounced via Twitter that he was aware of an attack “phishing“and to be investigating the matter. According to reports, NFTs were stolen and then sold for a total value of 1.7 million dollars.

Following the announcement of the attack, various updates on the matter and the co-founder and CEO Devin Finzer said OpenSea is communicating with more than a dozen individuals who have been impacted by the attack. The exploit used does not come from the marketplace site, so just do not open links other than to avoid any risk.

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OpenSea then went on to explain that they had reduced the number of victims at 17 and that the attack is no longer active, as the account linked to it has not reported any NFT movement in the last 15 hours. Finzer explains that the initial reports of thefts worth $ 200 million are false and that the Ethereum in the wallet of the accused theft account is worth $ 1.7 million, obtained by selling the stolen NFTs.

NFTs are “frustrating”, they have no positive impact on anyone according to PlatinumGames, which echoes the feelings of many gamers and a good chunk of game developers.

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