NieR Automata 2B cosplay from coldscream_cosplay is amazing

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2B shines in the extraordinary cosplay realized by coldscream_cosplay and dedicated to the famous fighter of NieR Automata. Do you like this plastic pose?

With a platinum colored wig, sword in hand and a suitably revisited costume compared to the one imagined by Yoko Taro, the 2B of the Ukrainian-born model communicates so much dynamism thanks to her pose and painstaking post-production work.

Also out on the Nintendo Switch on October 6, NieR Automata still remains one of the favorite games of all cosplayers, given the great charm of its characters and the style of their clothes.

It is therefore no coincidence that over time 2B has been interpreted by many models as good as they are beautiful, for example Lada Lyumos, Shirogane-sama and Helly Valentine.

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