Nintendo Direct, leaker pretends to have anticipated all the announcements to fool the press

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Waddle Dee Knows threw the mask off and stated that he just pretended to have anticipated all the ads of the Nintendo Directfor fool the press and see how easy it would be to get published.

Original story:
The Nintendo Direct last night ended up in the center of a curious and unexpected situation: it turned out that a mysterious leaker has anticipated all announcements of the event, from the first to the last, three days in advance.

We talked about how Nintendo Direct was a masterpiece in terms of quantity and quality of games presented, as well as the importance of some of the intellectual properties that have made their return, such as Xenoblade Chronicles and Mario Strikers.

Well, this Waddle Dee Knows has published on Twitter a series of posts that revealed the contents of the Direct in advance, hitting them down to the smallest detail. The user in question claims to be a insider very close to Nintendoand as far as we know it may be the truth.

Of course, there is no shortage of skeptics: several people on Reddit and Resetera think that this is not a real leaker, but someone who has published many “previews” and then deletes those that have not occurred and thus seemingly infallible.

However, there seems to be no evidence to support this hypothesis: the analysis tools available cannot establish with certainty whether the tweets of Waddle Dee Knows have actually been modified or deleted.

Now that the profile is in the public domain, in all likelihood we will find out how things really are in the coming weeks, although the user has already started posting new leaks: will they prove to be true or not?

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