Nintendo Direct, new upcoming streaming for two different leakers

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A new Nintendo Direct would be imminentaccording to what was reported on Twitter by two different ones leaker: one simply reported the news, the other gave several details about the stream.

A few days ago Charles Martinet left a clue about a possible Nintendo Direct in mid-February, and as much as this event seemed entirely incidental, they are taking shape. rumor which appear plausible in this regard.

“I have heard that Nintendo has completed the video production of a new Direct and will soon be sending the texts for the localization in the various languages,” wrote the profile of Samus Hunter. “There are therefore excellent possibilities for an announcement coming tomorrow. ”

“At the moment it seems that the video have one duration 35 minutes, but still lacking a big reveal that will be placed at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the streaming: they always add these elements at the last moment, so a Direct could come out of about 45 minutes. “

“What I’m pretty sure of is that the Nintendo Direct in question will be released in the interval I indicated last month, so if production of the video ends this week, everything will be ready for the next.”

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