Nintendo has always been available in the preservation of video games, for Andrea Dresseno

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Nintendo It has always been collaborative With the’Videogame Archive of Bologna, specifically with regard to the library preservation of video games.

To say it was Andrea Dressenothe ex-director of the Videogame Archive, commenting on our news on the accusatory statement towards Mario’s house of the Video Game History Foundation, after the announcement of the closure of the Wii U and 3DS eShops in March 2023, which has taken by surprise and it sounded strange to him:

My experience with the Videogame Archive has been quite different: Nintendo has always been willing to provide copies of the games for institutional preservation and has never hindered the autonomous acquisition by the Archive of titles for its platforms.

Dresseno, whom we contacted to ask for further comments, specified that during his activity he had relations with Nintendo Italy. Probably each division of the company handles this differently, depending on local policies. It must also be said that Nintendo does not own the rights to all the games published in its digital stores and that, therefore, it would also be up to the developers to do something to preserve them in some way, if interested in doing so.

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