Nintendo “has no plans” to raise the price of its products in Japan

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Nintendo states that he currently has no plans related to theprice increase of your consoleat least as far as Japan is concerned, unlike what other big companies, such as Apple, are doing.

Currently it Yen it has lost value against the US dollar, and by converting, it’s cheaper in Japan to buy the consoles (by VGC’s accounts, even $100 cheaper). Bloomberg has asked Nintendo about a possible price increase of the console in Japan, but the Kyoto-based company has said that it has no plans to do so at the moment.

Bloomberg asked the same question of Microsoft and Sony: the former declined to comment, while Sony avoided confirming or denying that possibility. Among the three big console manufacturers, therefore, the only one that has – for the moment – denied the possibility of a price increase is Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Splatoon version

In any case, not even Microsoft and Sony have confirmed a price increase, they simply haven’t denied it a priori. Current generation consoles are hard to find and a price increase would not be pleasant at all.

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