Nintendo releases a trailer dedicated to grannies playing Switch Sports

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Nintendo has released a new advertisement dedicated to Nintendo Switch Sportsbut this is not just any trailer: the video is in fact dedicated to grandmothers! More precisely, it serves to show even Survival bowling, an online mode of the game. You can see it above.

In the video, the granny Who plays Nintendo Switch Sports says: “Hey there sweetie, you can call me Granny. I start my morning with a nice hot cup of tea and ice-cold domination in Nintendo Switch Sports matches. For those less experienced, Survival Bowling at Nintendo Switch Sports is an online mode with 16 challengers.”

The Nintendo Switch Sports trailer then shows us a series of clothes for their own characters, with some perfect for Granny at the center of the footage. The trailer is certainly very funny and alternative.

Nintendo Switch Sports bowling

In our review we explained that “Nintendo Switch Sports has proved to be a pleasant experience, absolutely successful in its main objective, which is to let anyone play, from the enthusiast to the novice. There is a certain disparity between the various sports, both in terms of quality (badminton has left us quite perplexed), and in terms of complexity (football is clearly more stratified than the others), but in general it is a perfect experience for local multiplayer, because it is able to entertain in a few seconds , thanks to the essential mechanics and the immediate (motion) controls. Even at a graphic level, the work done is valuable: not so much on a technical level, as on a stylistic level. The new characters are less iconic than the Miis, but certainly more pleasant to look at, and animate better.”

“Online amplifies the basic experience: it is true that there will be a ranking for competitive players, it is equally true that its main function, fully successful, is to provide alternatives to local play. Why challenge together with a friend of networked users is definitely more fun than being limited to the CPU. We know golf will be introduced this fall, but our hunch is that it will only be the first addition – Nintendo Switch Sports could be a game that is constantly expanding. It certainly will be in the elements to unlock, maybe even for specialties.”

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