Nintendo Switch generated nearly $ 60 billion in revenues

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Nintendo Switch has generated to date almost 60 billion dollars Of revenuesmost of them coming from the sale of the hardware, launched in the autumn of 2017: Nintendo announced it.

Capable of totaling sales of 101.88 million units, Nintendo Switch produced precisely 59.8 billion dollars in revenues divided as follows: 55% from hardware for 33.16 billion; 45% from software for 26.63 billion.

In reality, the estimate relating to games is not accurate, as it analyzes a five-year period in which Nintendo was still selling titles for Wii U And Nintendo 3DS, which were added to the total. However, we are talking about quantities that have progressively decreased.

The Japanese house, however, has also communicated the figures relating to only the software for Nintendo Switch sold so far, in terms of units: well 766.41 million copies in the five years of life of the hybrid console.

Finally, the division between the sales of the three different Switch models currently available: the basic version is at 81.68 million, followed by Nintendo Switch Lite with 17.87 million and the new Nintendo Switch OLED model with 3.99 million.

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