Nintendo Switch is hugely popular among 22-year-olds, according to Nintendo

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Nintendo has published a summary document of its latest financial report, illustrating among other things the player demographics Of Nintendo Switch. From what has emerged it seems that the hybrid console is particularly popular among twenty-two year olds.

As you can see in the image below, the distribution of annual users per age groups offers several surprises. Meanwhile, it breaks down the myth that Nintendo Switch is popular especially among kids, then shows a real surge in users at the age of twenty, with the maximum peak reached among twenty-two year olds.

The Nintendo Switch demographics graph

There is no comprehensive explanation as to why that peak. Today’s 22-year-olds may be fond of the Nintendo brand having grown up alongside the best-selling Nintendo DS and Wii, but if so, the peak would be more gradual than the surrounding ages, which are also affected by the two aforementioned consoles.

Nintendo itself did not explain the strangeness, limiting itself to saying that the annual players have grown in all age groups in the last year.

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