Nintendo Switch Online: Missions and special rewards similar to the Xbox Game Pass Quest are available

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Nintendo today launched a new initiative for subscribers to the service Nintendo Switch Onlinewhich from today can also count on missions and rewards specials, which can be obtained in the Store in a special section for users of the service.

The explanation is not yet present on the Italian site but it is visible by accessing the Nintendo Switch Online section on the console and is already active: in practice it is a series of missions to be carried out on a weeklysuch as “play an online game”, “open the Nintendo Switch Online application once a week” or play particular titles, including free ones for NES and SNES, in order to unlock special tokens.

Unlocking these missions are obtained platinum coins which can be used to purchase some exclusive bonuses for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, such as characters, frames and backgrounds for your personal avatar.

Nintendo Switch Online: the new section dedicated to missions and rewards

The subjects of the missions and the items that can be purchased as prizes of this initiative are changed on a regular basis through a rotation that has as protagonists various games typical of Nintendo Switch.

At the moment the protagonists of the prizes are Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with the themed rewards that will be available until April 3, 2022, waiting to see the next batch that will be introduced next week.

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