Nintendo Switch: Sales may now start to slow down, admits Nintendo

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Following the financial results published in recent days, some details have emerged from the related documentation released in English, including a certain caution on the part of Nintendo on the near-future performance for Nintendo Switchwith the possibility that the growth may decrease with a slowdown in sales.

“Nintendo Switch is entering its seventh year on the market in March and we see it as uncharted territory in the history of our consoles,” said Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa. “Under these circumstances it is difficult to imagine that hardware sales can continue to grow at the same rate as we have seen so far.”

The question is clear: having reached the seventh year of the life cycle, Nintendo has legitimate doubts about the possibilities of further growth of Nintendo Switch at the same frenetic pace maintained for all these years, and it is a physiological thing. However, this does not mean that investments in software will decrease, since it is still in the forecast several exits large caliber.

“Nintendo still has hope that sales can continue to grow, however, through the launch of games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or the ability for users to purchase a new model console.” Additionally, “There are games in development for the Nintendo Switch and new titles will continue to be released in the coming months,” Furukawa reported.

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