Nintendo Switch Sports: Amazon pre-order with leg band included

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The Amazon pre-order of Nintendo Switch Sports, the new exclusive game of the hybrid console of the Kyoto house. The physical bundle also includes the leg band for positioning the Joy-Con, useful for playing some sports through the movements of the body. The price is € 49.99. The release date is April 29, 2022.

Nintendo Switch Sports will include six different sports in D1: volleyball, football, bowling, chambara, tennis, badminton and tennis. To these will be added golf in the fall, via a free update. It will be possible to play online (Nintendo Switch Online subscription required).

By pre-ordering Nintendo Switch Sports via Amazon, the promotion is activated Guaranteed minimum price: at the time of shipment, you will pay the lowest price that appeared on the site from the moment of the pre-order, without having to manually reorder the game and therefore without having to follow the price trend from day to day. Everything is free and can be canceled up to a few moments before payment.

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