Nintendo Switch Sports announced with release date and details on the online test

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On the occasion of the Nintendo Direct of February 9, 2022 it was announced Nintendo Switch Sportscomplete with official release date: April 29, 2022. Also announced the dates of theOnline Play Test: February 19 and 20, 2022, i.e. in a very few days. Let’s see the presentation video:

Nintendo Switch Sports is a title that follows the beloved Wii Sports, of which it proposes three disciplines: Tennis, Bowling and Chanbara, adding three completely new ones: Soccer, which also includes a penalty mode in which you have to use a strap tied to one leg. to play, by putting a Joy-Con in it; Badminton and volleyball.

Like the original, Nintendo Switch Sports will use the motion sensors for the controls, but unlike that, in addition to being playable in local multiplayer, it will also be playable online. After all, you will have understood this from the announcement of the test days.

What to say? Nintendo will probably sell loads of copies of this title, which seems to really suit everyone. Let’s hope it’s as fun as the previous episode, which many remember as one of the best things seen on the Nintendo Wii (it came bundled with the console).

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