No Man’s Sky is “nowhere near” complete, after 6 years and 19 updates

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Hello Games founder Sean Murray explained that No Man’s Sky it is not “even remotely” completedespite having been six years since its release and 19 major updates have been released, including the recent Sentinel.

In an interview with IGN USA, Murray said that developers have so many new ideas that they can’t keep up with them. There list of contents that Hello Games wants to insert continues to rise and Murray explains that he is impressed by the team’s energy level, which has never been higher. He then explains that Hello Games “tends not to reveal what’s on the news list in a public way, but suffice it to say that we’re nowhere near completing No Man’s Sky.”

One of the many planets of No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky, after all, is a “live service” game and is meant to be continually updated, expanded and to keep attracting players. Sentinel for example, it includes many modifications to the combat system to create a “faster, more varied and dynamic” experience. There are also changes to the planetary guardians who are now more powerful, but there are also new weapons and new upgrades.

Hello Games is currently working on another ambitious game like No Man’s Sky, which is far from being released.

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