No Man’s Sky, Sentinel update available today: trailer and details

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No Man’s Sky obtains today, February 16, 2022, the new one Sentinel updatewhich comes up with a new trailer and various details Also announced by Sean Murray himself on the PlayStation blog, with the update being available for free on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

This is a very thick patch as it modifies and improve combat within No Man’s Sky, modifying the behavior of enemies and thus giving life to more exciting dynamics in these situations within the space simulation of Hello Games.

No Man’s Sky, image from the Sentinel update

We have the ability to access new upgrades and weapons, such as the powerful neutron cannon, a cloaking device and a new stun grenade. You can also install aAI in the exomech Minotaurwhich allows automatic protection in combat.

Sentinels have also become more fearsome, with new elite classes of drones, including heavy, decoy and repair units, as well as the powerful exomech Hardframe.

Sentinels now have mobile energy shields and new weapons, such as ground-destroying grenades and plasma flamethrowers. The more daring will be able to go to the mysterious Sentinel Pillars, whose location is now known, in an attempt to infiltrate their robotic archive to obtain exclusive rewards and discover mysterious stories.

From a narrative point of view, the Sentinel update allows you to discover the mysterious origins of the Sentinels, taking us through a wide range of narrative missions and with the ability to reprogram and adopt a friendly drone, as well as to recover parts to create defense systems. Additionally, a new exobiology expedition will also be available next week.

During the recent Nintendo Direct, the Nintendo Switch version of No Man’s Sky was also announced, which will thus be able to open up to a large new slice of the public.

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