Not Tonight 2: Steam forum is filled with protests for the contents of the game, not yet released

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Not Tonight 2 it is already a small case: although it has not yet been released, its forum on Steam is filling up with criticism of its contentsconsidered too political.

Mike Rose, the head of No More Robots, the publisher of the game, however, stressed the paradox of commenting on a game that has always declared itself politic, as was his predecessor politician. welcomed with generally favorable reviews on the platform (currently it has 87% positive reviews).

Why so much bitterness towards this sequel, compared to what happened with the predecessor? Probably because it is set in the United States, where the first was set in the United Kingdom. Incidentally, the gameplay of Not Tonight 2 starts from a simple, yet dramatic narrative premise: Eduardo Suarez, an immigrant, has been arrested and now it’s up to his friends to travel the United States in search of his documents, to deliver them in time to the gulag. of Miami.

Of course it is a very critical game towards the American system, full of controversial and difficult choices for the player. However, some reactions from the US public have been really exaggerated, especially since Not Tonight 2 is not yet available (it is worth emphasizing again) and given that the previous chapter could already by itself make it clear that a sequel would follow the same. Street. However, we will see what will happen at the launch, which will take place on February 11, 2022.

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