NVIDIA and ARM, skip everything: the acquisition will not be made, penalty of 1.25 billion

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NVIDIA And ARMnothing done: theacquisition of the microchip company has officially jumped, with SoftBank requesting an initial public offering and NVIDIA having to pay the aforementioned penalty of 1.25 billion dollars.

The rumors about the skipped acquisition have been circulating for a few days now, but today the matter has become official and there have been the first consequenceswith ARM CEO Simon Segars stepping down and will be replaced by Rene Haas.

“Segars decided that, at this point in his career, the time and energy required to go public with the company and all the implications of that transaction was not something he wanted to pursue,” said the new CEO.

Announced in 2020, the acquisition was supposed to be one of the most relevant events ever within the industry: NVIDIA and ARM together would define the future of semiconductors, but evidently there were too many obstacles along the way.

As mentioned in the opening, SoftBank stated that ARM will carry out a IPO, i.e. an initial public offering, starting on April 1. NVIDIA has not yet commented on the matter at this time.

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