Nvidia DLSS: The source code was stolen following the cyber attack

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Nvidia has suffered in recent days a cyber attack of considerable magnitude and some results of this are beginning to emerge in these hours, such as the theft of the whole source code of DLSS technology of the company, which seems to have leaked online in these hours.

It is not the only thing that was stolen during theattackgiven that we also talk about driver source codes, the possibility of disabling the LHR for the minino and also documents related to the next hardware by Nvidia, such as information on the Blackwell architecture, but it is rather impressive to note among these also the presence of the complete code relating to DLSS technology, on which Nvidia has invested heavily.

As proof of the theft, a screenshot is circulating on the net showing a large package of directories and files that seem to come from the DLSS code, complete with information documents such as a “Programming Guide” which should also explain how the technology works. and its application. It is also the DLSS version 2.2therefore also very recent, with the latest developments applied.

What could derive from such a leak is not easy to predict: commercial use is probably impossible, given the probability of running into technologies covered by patents and elements registered by Nvidia, but the study of the code could lead to a possible implementation of the DLSS in open source areas such as Linux driver and the like.

In any case, this is a first sign of the damage suffered by Nvidia due to the recent cyber attack that would have “completely compromised”, according to reports in recent days.

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