NVIDIA Hopper, monstrous power: 140 billion transistor GPU for a rumor

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Hopperthe next generation of GPU produced by NVIDIAwill boast the beauty of 140 billion transistors2.6 times those of the GA100 models on Ampere architecture, and will therefore be able to express monstrous power: the latest rumors report it.

While there is talk of a 20% better ray tracing thanks to Subwarp Interleaving on future NVIDIA GPUs, the company therefore seems to be moving to bring its new ones to market. video cards and the expectations are very high.

According to the Chiphell website, GPUs with Hopper architecture will boast a production process a 5 nanometers and use different designs: there is talk of a monolithic block for the GH100 but also of a multi-chip system on the GH102.

AMD, however, will not stand still: its next-generation GPU, Aldebaran, will use a multi-chip design with up to 128GB of HBM2e memoryand the same amount of memory will be used by Intel on Ponte Vecchio GPUs.

The NVIDIA Hopper presentation is expected to take place during the GPU Technology Conference 2022, which will take place in March.

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