Nvidia: The availability of video cards will increase in the second half of 2022

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The latest financial results published by Nvidia They also bring good news for players, as according to the company the GPU availability will increase in the second half of 2022signaling that the worst period in terms of inventory shortages could soon be overtaken by the new conditions.

According to reports from Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidiathe situation would begin to improve during this year, with a substantial increase in the availability of products on the market which could also be reflected in an adjustment of prices to standard indications.

“The limitations of stocks available are easing and the supply of products is expected to increase substantially in the second half of 2022, “Huang told CNBC. In addition to the increase in materials for the production of GPUs and therefore the increase in capacity of the production of graphics cards itself , Nvidia also mentioned a big one lower GPU demand for mininganother element that should ensure greater availability for standard users, therefore a very positive news for players.

Of the $ 550 million raised from the sale of GPUs to the mining market, only $ 24 million was reportedly raised in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, indicating a drastic drop in demand for cards in this industry. which can finally pave the way for the smoother purchase of GPUs by mainstream audiences.

For the rest, Nvidia’s financial results report revenues of $ 7.64 billion, up 53% compared to the same quarter of the previous year and $ 3.42 billion for the gaming sector, up 37% compared to the previous year. last year. As for the full fiscal year, Nvidia posted revenues of 26.9 billion, up 61% compared to the previous year, demonstrating how even in the midst of the semiconductor crisis it seems that the company is doing very well. . Huang also mentioned bankruptcy acquisition of ARMprevented by the FTC in the US: “Our proposed acquisition has raised opposition,” reported Huang, “We have been working hard for over a year,” he explained, but in the end the market regulators, as we have seen, prevented from concluding the acquisition.

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