Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, release, trailer and beta in Europe

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Square Enix has confirmed the upcoming arrival in Europe of Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continentprelate of the title previously released on PC and consoles, with a more precise period, a new one trailer and also the opening of registrations to be part of the beta.

The game for mobile platforms, released a few months ago in Japan where it exceeded 3 million downloads in a few days, tells about some events prior to Octopath Traveler. It will be available in Europe this summer and already has registrations open for the closed beta on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Also in this case it is a JRPG characterized by the particular graphics defined by Square Enix “HD-2D”that is a style with a three-dimensional base but which reproduces the typical effect of the 2D graphics of the JRPGs of the 80s and 90s, but reproduced at a much higher resolution.

The story shares the world of Osterra with the main chapter but stages events that occurred several years before the one presented in Octopath Traveler and will also see the presence of some of the characters seen in the previous chapter.

Between Announcements Compared to the original, in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent we find a different amount of characters that can be used in battle, which here rises to eight and is also the amount of basic characters that make up the story, each belonging to a specific region of the continent , but in the course of the game we will also find others. Square Enix has also released a new trailer for the game in a western version, visible above.

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