OlliOlli World: the launch trailer announces the availability of the game

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Roll7 developer and Private Division publisher released the launch trailer from OlliOlli Worldwhich reminds us of the availability of the game for all platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.

The movie shows several game sequences, decidedly spectacular, which clearly show the care with which the mechanics of the skateboarding discipline have been reproduced. The pleasant graphic style is also evident, as well as the general sympathy of the entire production. In short, if you are still not convinced of the purchase, look at it without delay.

To get more informationread our review of OlliOlli World, in which we wrote:

OlliOlli World is a title full of enthusiasm and love for skateboarding. It is also refined and equipped with mechanics that make the games engaging thanks to their fluid and spectacular dynamics, which are never trivial. The rest, namely the various biomes, the special races, the customization and the narrative side, are pleasant trappings, but overall superfluous for what remains a perfect game especially in its founding idea. He comes out in a difficult month, but he can definitely have a say in him.

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