One Piece, Boahammock’s Yamato cosplay is ready for battle

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The Japanese series one piece is a constant aspiration for i and cosplayers, as this demonstrates cosplay from Yamatomade by Boahammock, looking ready for battle.

Yamato is a slender woman with a demonic appearance. She has long white hair that fades to green and she always wears a white kimono closed by a white and purple cord called shimenawa. The version represented by Boahammock is that pre-release by Luffy. You can tell by the chains dangling from her wrists.

The cosplay is really rigorous in the representation of the character, at least from the point of view of general similarity. The detail of the club is also beautiful, which refers to the main source of inspiration for its characterization, namely the Oni demons, justified in the series by its having ingested a fruit of the devil.

Bella also the determination put by cosplayer in the interpretation of the character, which recalls what is Yamato’s character during the series.

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