One Piece: Nico Robin cosplay by hana.bunny_bunny is overwhelming

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hana.bunny_bunny returns to the series one piecewith a cosplay overwhelming of Nico Robin, one of the most loved female characters, if not the most loved in the absolute sense, for her ease and depth. In fact, how can you not love her?

As you can see, the cosplayers she managed to represent all the charisma of the character, while remaining very rigorous in the reproduction of the costume, between the blue jacket, the sunglasses and the hairdo. In short, the cosplay is really very successful and will appeal to fans of the character, who are always looking for inspiration.

The pose of the photo is also spot on, with the cosplayer who knows well what to show and what not to show about her work to One Piece fans.

Particular praise deserves the make-up, truly perfect, as well as the location of the shot, which with its colors further enhances the figure in the foreground, magnifying its presence in an almost divine way.

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