One Piece, the Netflix series will be more expensive than Game of Thrones?

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There series live action by one piece produced by Netflix Sara more expensive than Game of Thrones? The streaming platform would have allocated 100 million dollars for the ten episodes of the first season.

We know that the filming of One Piece began a few days ago and it will therefore still take a lot of time before seeing the expected transposition of the manga by Eiichiro Oda, but everything points to a really ambitious project, precisely from 10 million dollars per episode.

According to data revealed by Forbes, the last season of Game of Thrones (review) cost less, specifically $ 75 million divided into six episodes.

The investments for the One Piece live action seem equal to those allocated for the TV series of The Last of Us, which unfortunately will not air in 2022: even in the case of the HBO production there is talk of 10 million dollars per episode for ten episodes.

Beyond the budgetit is clear that the hope of the many fans of One Piece is to see a well-made transposition, faithful to the spirit of the original work: in this sense, having a lot of money can help, but it is certainly not the only factor at play.

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