Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission announced at TGS 2022

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Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission was announced from Microids to TGS 2022: This is the return of a classic TAITO arcade shooter, arriving this fall on PC and consoles, as well as Meta Quest 2 in 2023.

If you are a gamer of the old guard, you will certainly remember the original Operation Wolfan arcade machine complete with a machine gun that was released in 1987 and was able to offer side-scrolling action for the first time.

The new title, developed by the French team Virtuallyz Gaming, will take up the mechanics of the classic Taito while offering a completely new graphic style, involving us in frenetic action inspired by the action movies of the 80s.

The campaign of Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission will allow you to face enemies alone or in local co-op with a friend, in an attempt to defeat a dangerous criminal organization led by the mysterious General Viper.

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