Overwatch 2, a live action trailer invites you to unleash hope

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Overwatch 2 it shows with a live action trailers which invites to unleash hopeassembling together sequences with pro players, cosplayers, regular enthusiasts who interface with the characters of the game.

Available yesterday on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, Overwatch 2 is still the victim of access problems that give rise to very long queueseven tens of thousands of users, and inevitably this was the main topic of the comments on the trailer.

“I need this hope to be unleashed as I’m in a queue of 40,000 players,” wrote one YouTube user, and several other posts are characterized by the same sarcastic tone.

In reality it seems that the difficulties that are making the debut of Overwatch 2 complicated are due to a series of DDoS attacks that have created many network infrastructure malfunctions.

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