Overwatch 2: Blizzard is fixing server problems, confirmed a second DDoS attack

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Blizzard developers are making progress with i problems emerged at the launch of Overwatch 2, including instability and game server crashes, endless queues and progress transfer failure, and cosmetic items from the first Overwatch for many players. Game director Aaron Keller also tweeted that the game was hit by a second DDoS attack in yesterday’s day.

“We are making steady progress on server stability and issues, as well as working on a second DDoS attack,” Keller said on Twitter.

A few hours ago, the Blizzard team posted a status update on the official Overwatch 2 forums, confirming that part of the problems have been contained. As explained in a previous news story, the developers have decided to remove SMS protection for many users after the recent controversy.

As for queues, crashes and server instability, the team says they have solved part of the problemsthough many players will likely still experience long wait times to log into the game: “We’ve fixed some of the issues and are in the process of fixing the others, but players should still expect to see queues.”

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Moving on to the non-transfer of progress and cosmetic items from the first Overwatch, the team ensures that “no player data has been deleted or lost”. The developers aim to publish a server-side fix “no earlier than next week” to solve the problem, but already now some players should see improvements in this regard as a bug related to merging accounts on some consoles has been fixed.

Similarly, the developers confirm that some players may not be able to unlock the new heroes and items as they are incorrectly identified by the game as “new players”. In this case it seems that in many cases it is sufficient to log in again to solve the problem.

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