Pac-Man: Bandai Namco and Benetton launch a children’s clothing line

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Japanese publisher Bandai Namco and Benetton Group have announced the launch of a Pac-Man-themed children’s clothing line, the historic video game character who shouldn’t need any introduction around here.

The collection, which will be launched on the global market, includes t-shirts and sweatshirts for boys and girls, and is already available in Benetton stores around the world and online.

A Benetton Pac-Man t-shirt

We are very happy to have signed this important partnership with Benetton for our legendary PAC-MAN franchise“said Aadil Tayouga, EMEA Head of Licensing and Strategic Partnerships at BANDAI NAMCO Europe SAS”Both of our brands are colorful, have a long history and attract every generation. We are very proud of this collection that manages to capture all the fun, joy and the more colorful and lively side of PAC-MAN.“.

For Benetton, PAC-MAN has been a symbol of fun and accessibility for decades and the company is delighted to be launching this truly unique children’s collection around the world. The DNA of both companies is strongly based on color and vibrancy, and this collection, thanks to its vibrant colors and patterns, perfectly represents both brands.

In case you are interested, this is the page of the online store with the Pac-Man collection. If you are more traditional and want to physically go to see and buy clothes, click here.

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