Pac-Man Museum +, a trailer announces the release date on PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch

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Pac-Man Museum + has a date of exit official, announced by Bandai Namco with a new trailer dedicated to the interesting collection of classics, which will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch starting from May 27th.

Announced in November, Pac-Man Museum + is a collection that includes fourteen of the best titles in the Pac-Man series. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play it at no additional cost from day one.

The video released today reveals the customizations for the virtual arcade that we will have available in Pac-Man Museum +, obtainable by completing specific missions within the fourteen titles included in the package.

“In this way you will be able to get cabinets, decorations, posters and many other objects to create your own playroom, where there will also be a fantastic jukebox to give a personalized musical touch”, reads the press release.

“In addition to the various customization options, players will also be able to get a launch bonus that includes five figurines to display in their virtual arcade.”

“Finally, they will be able to connect with their network and take on the challenge of entering the world rankings to compare their scores.”

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