Pathfinder: Kingmaker, there is a full Italian translation, in beta

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker received a complete Italian translation by a group of passionate players on RPG Italia, who have announced the release of the near-final version of their big elaboration available now for PC and Mac.

You can find the file package at this address on RPG Italia, in a version that is still considered beta as it is open to further future refinements, but in terms of content the work is complete.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an excellent RPG based on the famous system

“Let it be clear that it will not be as perfect as we would have liked but the game is huge and wanting to split the hair in two would have meant letting you play in a year. So we will release it in an advanced phase of work in progress and we will continue to improve it even in the months to come by releasing periodic updates “, reads the communication on the forum in question.

The team of enthusiasts is also in contact with Owlcatreportedly for an official introduction of the Italian language within the game’s final build, but apparently there will likely be a need to reach a complete and revised version of the translation package before we can take this step.

In any case, already the version available for PC and Mac it includes all the lyrics of the main game plus the DLCs released later, so this is a really big job on the part of the users. To learn more about the game in question, we refer you to the Pathfinder: Kingmaker review.

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