Pentiment “not really a GPU burner” says Obsidian, resolution and fps confirmed

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Half-jokingly, Obsidian confirmed that Pentiment will go to 60 fps on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Onealbeit with different resolutions, assuming that the game “not exactly a GPU burner”as it is easy to understand even by looking at images and videos.

In any case, beyond the jokes, it is still interesting to grasp the information provided by Josh Sawyer, director of Pentiment, who reported that the new medieval-setting game will go to 4K and 60 fps on Xbox Series X, 1440p and 60 fps on Xbox Series S and 1080p and 60 fps on Xbox One.

On older models, apparently, there may be small drops in the few 3D scenes present, it is not clear whether in terms of performance or dynamic resolution. In any case, the game definitely does not present itself as a stress test for graphics cards, as the project manager himself also joked in the tweet above.

The information came in response to an equally joking question from a user who, in the tweet that recalled the upcoming arrival of Pentiment, had asked “But does it go to 60 fps on consoles? (To ask the important questions)”. Sawyer was at the joke but also provided true information about the game, though resolution and frame rate are not exactly fundamental details for such a title.

Recall that Pentiment is adetective adventure set in the Middle Ages in Bavaria, full of intrigues and crimes, to be faced with a considerable freedom of choice entrusted to the player. It was the protagonist of a recent trial and is among the 6 games already confirmed on Xbox Game Pass in November, expected to arrive on November 15, 2022.

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