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Pentimentthe new game from Obsidian Entertainment, is available from today for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S. You can play it by purchase or by subscription to Xbox / PC Game Pass. It is an investigative role-playing game with a medieval setting (actually it takes place in 16th century Bavaria, but let’s not quibble), signed by Josh Sawyer, one of the best-known Western role-playing game authors ever.

To have more informationread our review of Pentiment, where we wrote:

True, Microsoft lacks eye-catching games, exclusive ones that turn heads with their graphics and production value, but be careful: allowing games like these to be developed, having teams capable of conceiving and developing them, is no less important. Pentiment is a unique experience that will win over all gamers who still love living good stories with the rhythm of a pen, like the imaginary one that traces the letters of each dialogue in the game. Exploring Tassen and its mysterious surroundings, learning its innermost secrets and tracing the fate of the village’s families, is an experience impossible not to recommend. The average duration should be around thirty hours, but if you let yourself be kidnapped by her world and use it just like a magic book, this number can even double. Particular mention for the Italian translation, not easy yet really well done.

Let’s also review the game’s launch trailer:

If you want there are also books to read to better understand it, recommended by Sawyer himself.

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