Person 5: “Sayuri” painting for sale as an NFT by a scammer, ironically

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Ironically a scammer (we wouldn’t know how else to define him, since he doesn’t have any rights to the image) is selling the painting “Sayuri“seen in Person 5including Royal edition, as NFT in the OpenSea digital store.

If you have played Atlus’ masterpiece and you know the history of the painting, you will know why the whole operation is paradoxical. For all the others we explain briefly (attention because we are about to give previews on a part of Persona 5):

Sayuri listing as an NFT

Sayuri is a painting made by the pupil of a famous painter, Madarame, the second boss of the game, who made him pass for her by cheating everyone. The painting depicts the woman holding her son Yusuke in her arms, a member of the Phantom Thieves, the group formed by the game’s protagonists.

The fact that someone other than Atlus pulled Sayuri’s image out of the game and put it up for sale on OpenSea like NFT, realizing a scam, it is paradoxical, as it would be paradoxical that someone spent money on it, demonstrating that he understood little of the meaning of that section of the game and that work.

But then 80% of the NFTs on OpenSea are scams, according to the site managers themselves, so there is little wonder about similar operations. Moreover, Sayuri is not even the first theft of images of famous video games that end up being transformed into NFT by who knows who. For example, it is enough to search on OpenSea for the names of known franchises such as Final Fantasy or Halo, just to name a couple, to find dozens of NFTs sold without any rights.

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