Persona 5 Royal x NieR: Reincarnation, new crossover collaboration announced

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NieR: Reincarnation gets a new collaboration, this time with Persona 5 Royal, and it is certainly one of the most anticipated crossovers for the game in question, all focused on the collection of characters so far taken mainly from the Nier series, but evidently also inclined to unprecedented crossings.

As reported in the presentation trailer of this initiative, the event should start on September 8, 2022, with further details to be released later, and involve several characters from the cast of Persona 5 Royal. Whereas NieR: Reincarnation is a particular action Free-to-play RPG with gacha elementsit is clear how these collaborations represent a bit of the constant basis for the game in question.

Being a gacha, its structure requires a constant supply of new ones characters to add to the catalog more and more fighters to get inside, so crossovers are practically the bread and butter of NieR: Reincarnation. The game has also already explored other Atlus titles, such as the one with Nier Replicant and Nier: Automata, but in this case it is a connection with a completely different series.

With this initiative, Joker and Queen should become part of the gacha system, with Fox and Jack Frost always expected during the event, waiting for information on the arrival in the West.

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