Phantom Abyss: trailer announces the release date on Xbox Game Pass, for Xbox Series X and S

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Phantom Abyss will be launched on Xbox Game Pass For Xbox Series X and S on October 20, 2022. The announcement was made by Devolver Digital with a gameplay trailer that shows the Xbox version of the game in action. You can find it at the head of the news.

Already available on PC in early access, Phantom Abyss is an interesting asynchronous multiplayer game in which players must try to reach the bottom of procedurally generated temples to recover the relics hidden inside chambers full of deadly traps.

Intrepid adventurers will dodge dozens of hidden traps, leap treacherous chasms, and flee relentless guardians through branching paths until they snag one of the relics before being overwhelmed by deadly contraptions. But be careful: you will have only one attempt for each temple and if you fail or settle for relics of lesser value, you will never see that temple again…

Savvy players will use the ghost runs of other players’ failed attempts to their advantage and avoid the missteps and mistakes that led to their downfall. Once the legendary relic is found at the bottom of each temple, it disappears forever, becoming the priceless trophy of the skilled adventurer.”

During the game it is possible to watch the progress of up to twenty other players, displayed in the form of ghosts, who with their mistakes will help us understand how to behave, to get further and further away.

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