PlatinumGames: NFTs are “frustrating”, they have no positive impact on anyone

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PlatinumGames – author of games such as Bayonetta, Nier Automata, Vanquish and more – has had his say on the NFTexplaining that they are frustrating and that they have no positive impact on any of the parties involved.

Precisely, Atsushi Inaba – CEO of PlatinumGames – he said: “I understand it’s a hot topic right now and it’s starting to get pace, but the way it’s got that pace is the focus on profitability for companies, but there is no positive impact for creators and for users in any way. So it’s frustrating to see this happen. ”

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Inaba went on to say that NFT fans in the gaming field are approaching the discourse only from one side, thinking only of make money. PlatinumGames CEO said he prefers to invest his time in making quality games rather than pursuing profit.

Also Hideki Kamiya, vice-president, he claimed to have “zero interest” in NFTs and believes that current technology does not benefit gamers at the moment. He will begin to take them into consideration only when the NFTs demonstrate their usefulness to the user.

PlatinumGames also recently stated that an acquisition is possible as long as it retains its freedom.

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