PlayStation: $ 4 billion in revenue in three months, digital annihilates the physical

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Through Sony’s recent financial report, we can see that – in financial third quarter 2021 – PlayStation generated $ 4 billion in revenuemost of which comes from the digital, which annihilates the physical.

The PlayStation division has indeed registered a 94% revenue from digital sales. Precisely, we are talking about 3.755 billion dollars in the form of digital games, expansions and microtransactions. The physicist generated $ 257 million. In total, the revenues are precisely 4.012 billion dollars.


Going into detail, while it is true that the sales of premium digital games annihilate those of games in physical format, the real successful segment is specifically that of DLC, expansions and in-game purchases, which alone generated over $ 2 billion. The third quarter of 2021 is the best of the year, but results are lower in each category than the same period last year, by approximately $ 650 million.

Faced with these figures, we believe that no one has any more doubts as to why Sony PlayStation is adding 10 live service games to its classic single player titles.

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