PlayStation in 2022 could release more first-party titles on PC than on PS5

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Today’s announcement of Sackboy: A Great Adventure for PC has created an unprecedented situation for the ecosystem Playstation: in 2022 Sony may end up publishing more pc games that for PS5its most recent console.

Before continuing, let’s see the PlayStation PC games released or being released during 2022, with their release dates:

Furthermore, The Last of Us Part I has already been announced, which at this point we imagine will come out in 2023, and there is talk of a possible arrival of Returnal within the year (unconfirmed), which could come out in November, given that the month is still free, maybe after a surprise announcement like Sackboy’s.

Instead, let’s see what the first party games released on PS5 during 2022 have been and will be, with related release dates:

It is fair to note that the games published on PS5 are for the most part new, i.e. the first launches of large productions, but it must also be said that The Last of Us: Part 1 is the remake of an old game already seen in the past (unlike what will happen on PC, where it will be completely new). Similar speech for the collection of Uncharted, which on PC will offer two unpublished titles, while on PlayStation two games already seen on the platform. On the PC, on the other hand, essentially ports of games already published on consoles in recent years have come out, therefore certainly faster to create and market but, as we have already guessed, all unpublished.

That said it should be noted that 2022 is the first year ever that Sony could release more games on PC than on PlayStation consoles. For now it is the first in which he has published in identical numbers, an indicative fact that cannot be ignored, a sign of a huge growth of efforts on the platform of the Japanese multinational, under the direction of Jim Ryan.

It is difficult to say whether a similar picture will present itself in 2023. We imagine that PC releases will not cease, but that there will be just as many games on PS5. Unfortunately for now there is very little announced, so it is impossible to calculate.

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