PlayStation Plus, leak reveals free PS4 and PS5 games of March 2022?

Update, 15:25: Billbil-kun shared more information about the March 2022 PS Plus games. The leaker said that PlayStation will be able to play for free Ghost of Tsushima Legends, Ghostrunner and Team Sonic Racing.

These three games should also add up to GTA Online, which will be free on PS5 from March 15th. We note that, a few hours ago, Billbil-kun had suggested, although not definitively, that in March it would be possible to play Team Sonic Racing and Ark Survival Evolved for free. Among the PS Plus games, however, the latter title does not seem to be present: has there been a last-minute change, or will Ark Survival Evolved be part of another subscription?

Original news: The now traditional leak seems to have revealed in advance i free PS4 and PS5 games available to subscribers a PlayStation Plus in the month of March 2022: according to this information, it will be Team Sonic Racing and Ark: Survival Evolved.

In this case we are talking about only two of the titles that will make up next month’s line-up, but we imagine they will be the main ones. The source is the well-known French leaker billbil-kunwhich has correctly teased a ton of news so far, including January’s PS Plus games.

“I recently got hooked on Ark: Survival Evolved and Team Sonic Racing, and would like to purchase them to play on PS5“, wrote the leaker.” Unfortunately I have no money and I am hesitating a bit, but maybe at the end of the day I could just wait until the beginning of next month. “Thin, right?

Released in 2019, Team Sonic Racing (Review) is a arcade racer that allows you to control the many characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, driving vehicles that can dynamically adapt to any terrain.

Ark: Survival Evolved (review) is instead the famous survival developed by Studio Wildcard, which catapults us into a world inhabited by dinosaurs where we will have to gather resources, build objects and watch our backs to survive.

As you know, among the PlayStation Plus games of February 2022 there are the EA Sports UFC 4 combat simulator, the Planet Coaster management system and the stand alone expansion Assault on the Dragon’s Rock by Tiny Tina, which serves as a prequel for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands .

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