PlayStation Showcase postponed? Sony doesn’t want to appear strong in the eyes of the antitrust for a leaker

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The much talked about Playstation Showcase who was telling us sony was preparing in these weeks would have been postponed: as reported by a leaker, the Japanese company he doesn’t want to appear strong in the face of antitrust UK and that’s why he would have decided to put everything on standby.

“The CMA’s disclosures regarding the Activision Blizzard acquisition have resulted in the postponement of any PlayStation Showcase schedule,” Mille A wrote. new exclusives and first party intellectual properties have been blocked for the time being.”

“Sony believes that such an event would provide some closure to Microsoft’s arguments,” the leaker continued. “Silent Hill and Hideo Kojima’s Who Am I would have been part of the show. (…) The announcement should have come on October 11, for a Showcase set for October 20.”

We know that at this time the English regulator has expressed some concerns regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzardso as to attract criticism from Microsoft and the accusation of accepting Sony’s requests without adequate investigations.

It is therefore a “good moment” for PlayStation, which must push on the perception of Microsoft as one gigantic and powerful companyable to monopolize the market: arguments that could actually put a brake on the important operation, given that the CMA will express a binding opinion.

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