PlayStation, three events for Stranger of Paradise, Ghostwire: Tokyo and Babylon’s Fall

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The Japanese division of PlayStation announced three streaming events of the PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! which will be broadcast on February 19, February 26 and March 19, dedicated respectively to Babylon’s Fall, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin And Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The first event, set for February 19th at 11.00 am Italian time, will present Babylon’s Fall, which entered the gold phase last month but will also revolve around the newly published Horizon Forbidden West (review), and will see the participation of Kenji Saito and Isao Negishi by PlatinumGames.

The second event, on February 26 at 11.00, Italian time, will be dedicated to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, shown with the final trailer a few days ago, but also in this case we will talk about Horizon Forbidden West. They will feature Square Enix’s Masashi Fujiwara and Daisuke Inoue, as well as Team Ninja’s Fumihiko Yasuda.

Finally, the third event, which will be held on March 19 at 11.00, Italian time, will be dedicated to Ghostwire: Tokyo, recently presented with gameplay, and to Gran Turismo 7, which at that point will have been launched a few days ago. Director Kenji Kimura will be present.

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